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Engineered water solutions : flush valves and mechanisms developed in the USA.

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Saverio Design Series

Step into a world of form and function beautifully combined in seven fabulous bathroom ware designs. This collection of finely detailed ceramics exudes elegance and inspired creativity, excellence of proportion and dimension, with an eye to light and sun.

Designed by Saverio Hourer from Italy, whose past works include the likes of yatchs and supercars. The Saverio Line are a sum of seven different sets,  themed differently and named after Opera singers from which they were inspired from.

Saverio Brochure (PDF, 5.86M)

Sulle orme della classica tradizione del melodrama, la genialà
Italiana trova una nuova espressione nella gamma di sanitari
Saverio Design.

Sintesi di rafficatezza, gusto e stile unici, la gamma è un esclusivo
compendio di design italiano.

Materiali di pregio e technologie all'avanguardia, che trovano la collocazione
ideale nel cuore stesso della casa.

Linee armoniose ed essenziali, comfort estremo e cure delle rifiniture, per fare dell'intimità domestica un infinito piacere di sensi e spirito.

Following the classic tradition of Italian melodrama, the typical
Italian geniality finds yet again another form of artistic expression
in 'Saverio Design' sanitary-ware.

Synthesis of unique refinement, taste and style, our range offers an exclusive compendium of Italian design, valuable materials and state-of-art technology,
which together find the ideal setting at the heart of your home.

Harmonious and pure lines, extreme comfort and close attention to details,
will turn a domestic intimacy into a pleasure of the senses and soul.

Swarovski crystals, colours and patterns

To cater for the ever changing trends in interior design, Saverio Design now has a range of different colours and sheen complimented with a variety of precious metal lining and patterns. Clients may now detail their bathroom to enhance their decorative motifs and customize sanitarywares for that extra touch of individuality.


Stately and stylish
A polished performance by every measure, and indicative of presidential style and sophistication. Bathrooms that express the height of elegance with a touch of innovation and freshness.


Cool harmonies
A whisper of sea, lilting breezes, airy-ness and expansive vistas pervade the cool harmonies of Othello. Design and execution are likewise free-spirited and light, perfect for today's modern living.


The beauty of strength
Strong, aggressive contours and hard-edged lines are reminiscent of the angled twists and turns of high mountain roads. Tourandot challenges perceptions, instilling high-art awareness with its daring yet sophisticated form.


Harmonious Elegance

Evoking images of times long lost, where opulent princesses floated gently through the high court dresses in the finest silks, Norma strides elegantly and purposefully forward; combining rich, smooth design with sumptuous beauty.


Accelerated Edges
Solid shapes and accented volume define the Aida series. Its' robust forms matched with humble lines suggests strong architectural values yet humble enough to remain subtle.


Natural Substance
Tosca, with its fluid curves, brings back a burst of refreshing warmth like slipping into the woods, where you are one with nature. The organic shapes and proportion bestows comfort yet has the dynamic talent to be modern and contemporary.


Functional Flair

Character always leaves impressions. Orfeo offers it with minimal, thus clean contours in chic and entertaining peculiarity that will not be ignored. Humble details fused with sophisticated styling fashions modern and celebrated living.