Jaquar group was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products.

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Engineered water solutions : flush valves and mechanisms developed in the USA.

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Sanitary Street Furnishings

Our Sanitary Furnishings represents the core of GBHs' sanitary research and development division. Quality, technique and innovation practiced here spawned new products geared to revolutionized public sanitary etiquette and perception of  toilets. Some of the enhancements of sanitary facilities, taking consideration of our tropical climate and evolving modern urban environment, are highlighted in the products listed below.


Automatic Street Toilet

The mission of this product is to serve as a benchmark for future toilet developments. The Automatic Street Toilet (AST) is 100% developed and made in Malaysia and is featured in key position in Kuala Lumpurs' central districts.




- linear motioned automated doors with multiple sensors
- fully air-conditioned
- squat pans and water closet provided in two separate toilets
- spacious interior with provisions to cater for the disabled (where applicable)
- made from stainless steel and glass
- instinjak functions
- child care facilities
- minimal contact for utilities- sensors for soap, water, dryer.
- complete with staff kiosk
- built knock up, fully deployable with provisions for electrical/water/plumbing works to be made on site.

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Automatic Street Toilet Brochure (PDF, 1.32M)

Economical Street Toilet

The Economical Street Toilet (EST) is a concept utilizing core mechanisms developed with the Automatic Street Toilet model without the luxury frills. This does not mean that it would be any less functional. Clever cost savings were made by altering the materials used and the exclusion of air conditioning.

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Economical Street Toilet Brochure (PDF, 2.26M)

Flood Relief Cluster Portable Toilets

Climate change has altered water levels around the world giving cause for the design of the Flood Relief Cluster Toilets as a component for any disaster relief facility. We realized that the alternatives found in the portable toilet industry are not suited for our tropical environment. Inadequate capacity, ventilation, improper ergonomics and technical maintenance required to service typical portable toilets are the problems solved with this product.

The basis of the design stems from a universal frame that could either house a shower, toilet or urinal. The flexibility of the product allows it to be configured to suit the condition of the event.

The central water/septic tank allows the cluster to function independently without the aid of electricity or mechanical pumps. Each frame can be maneuvered via forklift arms and can be stored and deployed when required. If adequate sewage channels and water feeds are available on site, they can be augmented to suit FRCPT, enabling it to do without the central water/septic tank.

Ablution System

Majestic Mosques are often neglected of facilities that tarnishes its magnificence. Our studies have shown rudimentary taps running off walls are un-ergonomic and inadequate for the Muslim ablution   ritual. GBH, under guidance form religious masters has designed a Modular Ablution Unit specifically to update utilities currently provided in Mosques.

With modern components to increase comfort and convenience during the Muslim prayer procedure, it includes fully sensored fittings with deep basins and high volume foot shower intergrated with properly angled drainage.

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Ablution System Brochure (PDF, 521k)