Jaquar group was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products.

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Engineered water solutions : flush valves and mechanisms developed in the USA.

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Engineered Ceramic

To cater for the extensive range of products we provide, our engineering division has the expertise and facility to be your ceramic and sanitary partner. Our factory includes modeling and chemical labs, test ovens, foundry, glaze and label technology on site and we have channels for any type of  clay from anywhere around the world.

To highlight our abilities, we have only a few listed below in our portfolio accredited to our 100 years of experience.



Ceramic formers are technical ceramic molds for rubber membrane products such as gloves and balloons. GBH has a long and distinguished history of manufacturing ceramic formers.

Technological advancement in production process together with inherent experience led GBH to develop ceramic formers of the highest quality.

Today, GBH former plant operates two different former bodies. Namely GBH-XSpecial and GBH-HT. This provides more flexibility for glove manufacturers to choose appropriate formers to suit particular manufacturing conditions. Both bodies exhibit excellent resistance to thermal shock failure and to chemical attack.

Formers Brochure (PDF, 1.95M)

Road Markers

These disctint and durable road markers have a pressure load of X kg. They are superior to conventional paint marking as they do not fade. Doubling as a safety measure, the marker indicates when the  vehicle is on the line by vibrating its suspension.

Sea Hives

Seahive system consists of hexagonal interlocking extruded armour units that safe guards against wave and climate erosion. It is an established design, engineered and proven on coastal revampment projects around the world. Its applications are (though not limited to):

- Coastal revertments and sea walls
- Bank protection for marinas and canal developments
- Boats and ferry access ramps
- Earthbanks stabilization against run-off
- Highway bridge abatements
- cooling water dams
- road embankments
- landscaping

The advantages gained:
- non slip surface and minimum hold size allow water-edge pedestrian access and small craft launching and retrieval.
- no maintenance as they are free from chemical attack and weathering.
- small holes impede the collection of rubbish and breeding grounds for vermin.
- Aesthetically pleasing, allowing landscape right up to water edge.
- cost less because they use less material, are self locating and up to 10 times lighter than rock, making them easy to lay.
- in low load bearing soils, the reduction in armour mass reduces settlement and improve slope stability. (maximum gradient 1V:1.5H)
- Vitrified clay lasts forever.

Speaker Enclosures

Made under contract, these speaker enclosures features  specifications required in order to produce the unique acoustics effects designed by the well known manufacturer. The enclosure required consistency on the walls to ensure internal measurements remained uniformed for it to produce quality internal resonance. External fittings were to be made to the enclosure such as the speaker cone, feet and wiring required tight tolerances on the ceramic couplings in order for the product to be airtight.



Bar Tap

Decorative bar tap housing, made under contract. It features embossed printing with gold lining of clients' motifs.