Jaquar group was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products.

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Engineered water solutions : flush valves and mechanisms developed in the USA.

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Clay Pipes

GBH is one of the world's top producers of vitrified clay pipes (VCP). Its modern manufacturing network includes two state-of-the art facilities in Malaysia. The resulting economies of scale give GBH one of the world's largest manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to capitalize on growth in Southeast Asia, and to distribute our products world wide. 70% of Kuala Lumpurs' sewage infrastructure is made from our factories.

Vitrification, in ceramic terms, is a process by which the mineral contents of the clay turns to glass (which is harder than steel if you discount its tensile properties). Adding to that, the homogeneous properties of clay has proven to last hundreds of years; ancient clay pipes still operate in some modern civilizations today.


Glazed pipes available

Our studies have shown that glazing does not increase the structural integrity or longevity of vitrified clay pipes.   The glazed surface do look cosmetically better and reduces friction, however once a clay pipe is in operation, whether it be glazed or unglazed, algae will grow on it and act as a natural lubricant. Despite the above, GBH has glazed versions of all clay pipes available to suit international standards.


EZY-joint Vitrified Clay Pipes is designed exclusively by GBH, and offers a new standard of tight seating and quick, hassle-free installation.

The joining system consists of a socket section fitted with an EZY-joint held in place by an epoxy sealant. The EZY-joint is made of 100% natural rubber, and will not turn brittle in the sun, 'creep' under pressure or deteriorate in transit or storage. The EZY-Joint is precisely fitted, providing a durable, long-lasting sealing system.
EZY-joint Brochure (PDF, 1.24M)


Climate change has altered water levels around the world giving cause for the design of the Flood Relief Cluster Toilets as a component for any disaster relief facility. We realized that the alternatives found in the portable toilet industry are not suited for our tropical environment. Inadequate capacity, ventilation, improper ergonomics and technical maintenance required to service typical portable toilets are the problems solved with this product.

Super-Ram Vitrified clay jacking pips from GBH have been designed to meet the requirements of trenchless installation. Super-Ram's thick-walled pipes are rigid enough to withstand high applied jacking loads. They are abrasion-resistant, and unaffected by a broad spectrum of chemicals and effluents in the ground.

The Super-Rams joint's smooth seamless design provides a constant exterior profile which significantly reduces drag during installation. Joints are flexible and incorporate synthetic rubber sealing rings housed between the pipe and sleeve. The sealing rings are confined in a restraining groove in order to maintain their position and avoid movement along the barrel during installation.

Super-ram Brochure (PDF, 1.02M)