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Jaquar group was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products.

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Engineered water solutions : flush valves and mechanisms developed in the USA.

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Bathroom Catalogue 2014

To view or download our new Bathroom Catalogue and Technical Drawing, please click link below.

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The Instinjak Spout Option

Say no to wet toilets, say goodbye to hoses

pools of water around floors and added humidity in a confined spaces likely found in Malaysian bathrooms encourages bacteria growth and is unhygienic. Adding to the problem are the misuse of hoses in public areas which are unsightly, dirty, clumbersome and often missing.

The instinjak bidet spout discreetly integrates into water closet and creates a parabolic flow of water with an outlet degree that prevents any water from leaving the bowl. The volume can be adjusted via a side knob and is geared to the necessary amount required for the Muslim ritual.

Too good to be true? See it at Petronas Twin Towers...instinjak spouts has been there for 10 years.


Low Pressure Flush Valve

Normal Flush Valves requires water pressure of 25 pounds per square inch in order for a proper flush. That equals to a gravity pull from 5 storeys high. Without that pressure, water will just flow at a rate too slow to fully lift toilet waste from the base of the toilet bowl.

For those toilets that are not 5 storeys below the water tank, there is a solution: a water pump. These pumps are normally very noisy and can be difficult to maintain. They tend to resonate the cavity from which they are kept and, being mechanical, need regular servicing which can prove difficult as they would be kept in a confined space.

The better solution would be a Zurn Low Pressure Flush Valve, which operates at 5 p.s.i. No pumps, no mechanical parts, low maintenance, no noise. Easy.


Automatic Seat Cleaner

The Automatic Seat Cleaner cleans the seat after every use, increasing the confidence and comfort level of the next user. As featured in the Automatic Street Toilet, this product can also be installed in any establishment provided there is a 1 meter cubic space behind the toilet area.


Embarrassing and foul toilet smells are a thing of the past!
A remarkable device called Odourbuster will extract unpleasant odours leaving your bathroom smelling fresh. Odourbuster's ingenious design means fitting is easily done by a plumber or DIY.


No additional ventilation ducts are required or holes in the wall for fans or similar intrusive builder's work. This amazing product will extract odours from within and above the toilet bowl and efficiently expel them into the soil pipe behind the toilet.

Odourbuster Brochure (PDF, 1.75M)


GBH waterless urinals provide:

Total water conservation as they function on gravity flow and use absolutely no water.

Elimination of urinal odours because urine is isolated from the toilet atmostphere. The EcoTrap, a special drain insert, contains a layer of BlueSeal liquid that floats on top of the urine in the trap and forms a barrier against sewer vapour escape.

Better Hygiene because GBH Waterless are both dry and flushless. Bacteria requires water to live and flushing fixtures are known to spread bacterial aerosols, which then seed nearby wet and damp spots to form new growths.

Reduced maintenance from flush valve repairs, encrustations, plugged drains, overflows and vandalism. Waterless do not require a water supply or flush valve; there are no moving parts. Drastic cost savings are made by eliminating water charges. Installation costs are generally lower when compared to conventional fixtures.

Waterless Brochure (PDF, 2.45M)

Lady Loo

The concept of a Lady loo urinal is not new, it is broadly used across Europe today. The unit is intended to be in its own cubicle, however it is ergonomically shaped to encourage it for urinal use only.  It was found that the ladies toilet are often more dirtier than the men's. This would cause traffic problems commonly found in high density areas such as shopping centers. The lady loo offers a proper segregation of traffic flow which helps reducing congestion issues in the ladies toilet.